Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 VSTi

Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 VSTi 1.7

Cameleon 5000 is an additive synth that features the ability of resynthesis
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Cameleon 5000 is an additive synth developed by Camel Audio. It features the ability of resynthesis, which is something that most samplers only dream of being able to do. Their sound morphing is a great way to create new and fresh sounds. Adding your own pads and textures is capable with the library of over 800 presets that is also included. At the heart of the Cameleon 5000 is their morph square. This will allow you to morph between four different instruments at the same time. Also included is a wide range of preset morph timelines which will help to make new sounds even easier.

Some of the features of Cameleon 500 are that you can import sampled sounds (WAV/AIFF) into one of their four voice slots. It can break down sounds into both harmonic or noise component, giving you greater flexibility to choose and a higher quality. You can also import image (BMP) files and turn them into sounds. Once the sound has been imported, you can edit it in greater ways than a conventional sampler. You have independent control over each individual harmonic. There is a separate control of amplitude envelope and harmonics noise. It offers a morph timeline with presets, which creates patches fast. There is a 128-band noise generator and 64 detuneable partials.

The Cameleon 5000 VSTi 1.7 also has some added features. It now has an improved noise generator to generate brighter and crisper sounds. Improved reverbs, 200 extra presets are included, additional editing features. The interface is user friendly and they have a comprehensive set of effects also included.

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